Hindhead, 2 March 2013

| March 6, 2013

The results for the ARDF Competition held at the Devils Punchbowl near Hindhead on 2nd March 2013 are as follows:

Long course 5 TXs 144MHz, 5 TXs 3.5MHz, 4.19km + 4.25km = 8.44km, 7 starters.

PlaceNameCallClass144MHz144 Place144 TXs3.5MHz3.5 Place3.5 TXsTotal
1.Michael DunbarM6MDDM5056.2413241569.44224135126.08
2.David WilliamsM3WDDM5060.4622431566.22124135127.08
3.David HealeG6HGEM4076.5642431576.5642415145.32
4.Jillian UllerspergerM0JINW50134.056243157.0175141.06
5.Vlad Boev2E0VLBM5072.3333241580.59324315153.32 OT
6.Stuart TylerG1ZARM40110.4251432554.41545165.23 OT
7.John MarriotRS205838M6077.477243175.00624152.47 OT

Medium course 4 TXs 144MHz, 4 TXs 3.5MHz, 3.07km + 3.63km = 6.70km, 3 starters.

PlaceNameCallClass144MHz144 Place144 TXs3.5MHz3.5 Place3.5 TXsTotal
1.David DeaneG3ZOIM6070.521231562.581215133.00
2.John LittleM1SHEM60145.142145.14
3.Dan GregoryIndM21149.503149.50


  1. That was tough! With a minimum of 8.44km for the long course competitors over heavily contoured terrain with a challenging time limit of 150min, only two long course competitors found all the transmitters inside the time. Michael Dunbar scored a narrow victory over David Williams in a close fought race.
  2. The optimum order in which the transmitters should have been visited were as follows:
    Long course 2m: 24315, 80m 24135.
    Short Course 2m 2315, 80m 2135.
  3. Split times for 2 metres and 80 metres are available on the open-circuit site.
    2m and 80m splits are in separate tables. Click the name of the competitor to display the split time.
  4. The woods and terrain at Hindhead were wonderful for an ARDF competition. We are grateful for the help and assistance received from the Southern Navigators Orienteering Club with whom we shared the area on the day.
  5. The thanks for all the competitors go to Svetoslav for organising the event which was a first for him. Everyone appreciated the challenge he presented.

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