Butterwood, Hook 1 Apr 2012

| April 1, 2012

With the M3 motorway bisecting the area, this always presents a challenge. Motorway roadside metal structures reflect the signals making it very difficult to decide on which side the transmitter is located.

144 MHz Long Course 7 Foxes. 12 starters.

1.  Andrew SoltysikG4KWQ82.19M40   5326417
2.  Michael DunbarM6MDD106.07M40   7526341
3.  Steve StoneRS193217110.07M60   7536241
4.  David HealeG6HGE120.43M40   7536214
5.  Vlad Boev2E0VLB130.44M50   7536412
6.  Jillian UllerspergerM0JIN148.47W50   7536214
7.  Svetoslav StoyanovInd128.57M40   257341
8.  David WilliamsM3WDD129.35M50   753621
9.  Hristian StoyanovInd134.04M21   257341
10.  Stuart TylerG1ZAR137.27M40   126357
11.  Robert VickersG3ORI126.35M70   75263
12.  Frank HeritageM0AEU152.56 OTM40   7536214

144 MHz Short Course 5 Foxes. 7 starters.

1.  Bob TitteringtonG3ORY105.13M70   75321
2.  Robin BishopInd78.57M50?   751
3.  John LittleM1SHE127.21M60   572
4.  Georgina Howell +AimeyInd132.16W40   752
5.  Roger Howell +OllieG0ROG135.22M40   752


  1. A gorgeous sunny spring day and a lovely wood – a great setting for ARDF.
  2. The weather might have been good but what a challenge it was! Transmitters #2 and #4 were close to the motorway and a lot of competitors made the wrong ‘call’ as to which side they were actually located. If you judged #2 wrong it was 1.4km to return to the bridge and get to the correct location. Transmitter #4 was even worse and at least three competitors faced the 2.6km trek from the one side to the other. No wonder some of the times posted were unexpectedly long.
  3. Optimum sequence for the transmitters was: Long Course 7526341 or 7536241 Short Course 75231 or 75321 or the reverse.
  4. It appeared that strong multi-path was being generated by reflections from some of the big road signs beside the motorway. It is clear that the problem of deciding which side of a linear uncrossable feature a transmitter might be located, is seriously difficult.
  5. The thanks of all the competitors go to David Deane for a memorable competition.
  6. Split times are now available in the ‘Butterwood’ option on the open-circuit site. Click on the competitor’s name for the split times. The text is in German (don’t ask!)

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