Creating a Location – Help

To create a Location:

  • Select the “Location” option from the “New” top-bar menu, or go to the “Create and Manage Locations” page and click “Add New”.
  • Give the location a name and enter its address. The “Region” field of the address is used by the “Events in Your Region” menu option, and must be set using the appropriate radio button.
  • Check that the Google™ Map shows the location sufficiently accurately. The map’s pointer can be dragged to position it in the correct place, but first make sure the address is complete, as changes to the address may cause the pointer to move.
  • Enter location details in the main editing panel. These might include travel directions, parking instructions, and a description of the facilities available, but should not include information specific to the event. The aim is to create an entry which may be used for subsequent events at the same location.
  • Set the additional table fields. There are four extra fields which may be used. If present, they will appear in event tables against events at the location. They should be kept short so that they fit neatly into the tables, so use abbreviations rather than full names where possible, and explain the abbreviation, if necessary, in the main location description. These extra fields are:
    • Club Name” and “Club Contact” for use if the location is associated particularly with one club. If present, they will appear in event tables in the Sponsor and Organiser columns.
    • Phone” should contain a contact number for the location (or the club), and only appears in the location description
    • Travel Hints” is for very brief hints about getting to the location; “M25,J4” for example. If present, it will appear after the location name in the Location column of the event tables.
    • Training options” is set using a drop-down, and may be used to indicate the manner in which Licence Training is available. If set, it will appear in location lists and the location’s balloon on the various Google™ Map displays.
  • Check and submit the Location. When you think the location is sufficiently accurately entered, use the “Preview” button to view it (if you have been using the Dashboard edit screen) and then submit it. After it has been submitted, check that it appears on the appropriate Google™ Map displays, and that its details display correctly.