AROS Terms of Reference


  • Investigation of reports of:
    • Licence infringements
    • Instances of poor operating practice
    • Operating that might bring the Amateur Service into disrepute
  • Reports, complaints and associated supplementary information are accepted from any source and shall be regarded as confidential material
  • The source of any report or supplementary information shall not be disclosed without the permission of the originator
  • The originator of any report or complaint should be prepared to respond to further inquiries.
  • After investigation and where there is information of deliberate malpractice or malicious abuse of amateur radio facilities:
    • A formal report will be prepared containing sufficient detail and information to enable further investigations to be made.
    • AROS will attempt to settle problems great or small within the Amateur Service
    • The formal report, as a last resort, may be passed to the authorities for their action as is appropriate

AROS Coordinator

Responsible for:

  • Maintenance and recruitment of a network of AROS observers who shall assist in providing supporting information for such investigation and whose identity shall remain confidential to AROS and where necessary the authorities
  • Receipt of all correspondence to AROS and instigation of appropriate action
  • Interfacing with the network of observers to instruct action and collate information gathered
  • Interfacing with Ofcom to raise formal cases and supply supporting evidence as requested
  • Attendance at RSGB-Ofcom meetings to maintain awareness of the work of AROS and to discuss any ongoing cases
  • Attendance at the annual National Hamfest to represent AROS as part of the RSGB presence.
  • Attendance at the RSGB leadership team meetings to represent AROS
  • Representation of AROS at the Spectrum Forum meetings