FIFA World Cup Marathon

The RSGB has agreed to participate in the FIFA World Cup Marathon which is being organised by the Union of Radio Amateur of Russia (RRC). 

The Marathon runs from 1 June to 15 July 2018 and two series of special event call signs are being used across the globe: one for the countries that qualified for the World Cup finals (xx18FWC); and one for FIFA member nations who did not qualify (xx18FIFA).

In the UK Ofcom has agreed the use of GB18FWC in England (who qualified for the finals) and MB18FIFA for use in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (who did not qualify).

Ofcom has also agreed that clubs and groups can operate with the suffix /FIFA for the duration of the Marathon.

GB18FWC will be on the air:

MB18FIFA will be on the air:

All participants will receive a certificate from the Russian organisers.

RSGB members are also hosting G6XX, GI6XX, GW6XX and GM6XX – listen out for them throughout the competition.

News update: across all of the call signs above, our members have made over 33,000 QSOs – more than many of our footballing rivals. Help them to reach 40,000!

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