Exam Workshops

Training scene

Complementing our  ‘Train the Trainers’ events, the ‘Exam Workshop’ series enables participants to learn more about  exam question writing.

Next event 

  • Staines, Middlesex  – 12 March 2016 
  • Location: Martin Lynch & Sons  (ML&S), Wessex House, Drake Avenue, Staines, TW18 2AP
  • Email:   question.workshop@rsgb.org.uk

Previous event 

Both the mock exams that are used to prepare candidates and the real exams depend on good quality questions.  These Exam Workshops are aimed at exams and writing questions for them. Those attending  will learn what is required and have a chance to try their questions out in group exercises.

All tutors and other interested parties involved in training are welcome to attend. It is hoped that participants will continue to write questions after the event – to increase the pool of available questions and ideally get them submitted and accepted into the official question banks.

Further information about writing questions is here