12 – Reviewing your training

Discussion_AgendaIt is worth taking time after each Course to reflect on what went well and what could have been done better. The idea is to aim for each Course to be better than the last one, not to blame anyone for things that did not go so well.

This exercise should be carried out, as soon after the exam as possible, while things are still fresh in your minds.

Questions to start with might be:

  • Which aspect of the course went really well?
  • Which aspect of the course needs most improvement?
  • What should we start doing on future courses?
  • What should we stop doing on future courses?
  • What should we continue doing on future courses?

You might want to include the candidates to seek their views too, possibly on:

  • Course content
  • Training media used
  • Practical exercises
  • Pace of the training
  • Venue facilities
  • Trainer’s delivery

It is important that someone takes notes of what is said so that you can consider the results and make any suitable changes; otherwise there is little point doing the review.

You might consider preparing a standard questionnaire for the relevant people to complete.

There will be some things that you are powerless to change; the syllabus content or the RSGB books for example; but you can feed back that information to the RSGB for future consideration and possible action.

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