10 – Registering an examination venue

The aim of this service is to maximise the number of Examination Venues throughout the country so all candidates have flexibility and choice in taking their exams.

To register a venue Training Providers need to send an e-mail requesting the registration of the potential Examination Venue to the RSGB Headquarters staff.

The minimum criteria for a venue to be a RSGB Registered Exam Venue are:

  • To have appropriate public liability insurance for the training/examination activities. RSGB Affiliated Clubs and Societies, Schools, etc. will automatically satisfy this criterion. Non-Affiliated Clubs and/or Independent Training Providers will need to supply appropriate written evidence.
  • A member of the organisation must take on the responsibility of being the Examination Secretary and to hold the Registration Certificate.
  • The building must be a public venue. Checks should be made that the venue has any necessary fire and other H&S certificates.
  • To have an examination room with enough desks or small tables and chairs for the likely number of candidates with a minimum of 1.5m between them, to avoid disturbance or collusion.
  • Access to toilet facilities.
  • Access and facilities for disabled candidates.
  • Does the venue have¬†Wi-Fi?

If Club premises are unsuitable, an alternative venue can be proposed instead. Schools are accustomed to the requirements of running exams; there are also buildings within the local community that can provide the required facilities, such as council offices, community centres, leisure centres, libraries and church halls.

You will need to obtain permission from the owners of any premises before applying for registration of those premises.

RSGB Headquarters will arrange for an RSGB Inspector to visit proposed venues to assess the premises. The information given on the registration form will be copied to the Inspector concerned. Schools are usually exempt from the requirement for prior inspection.

Please do not expect proposed venues to be registered overnight as the Inspector is a volunteer and therefore has limited time available!

Each approved RSGB Registered Exam Venue will be issued with an identification number, which must be quoted on all correspondence.

Venue registration may be withheld/withdrawn if:

  • The facilities provided fall short of those required for registration
  • The organisers fail to satisfy the proper conduct and integrity of the examination in accordance with EX500 Conduct of Amateur Radio Examinations.

NOTE: if a Club or Training Provider has more than one venue, any removal due to conduct may result in all venue registrations being removed.

Clubs and Training Providers will have their basic details added to the Clubs and Training Providers web page on the RSGB website. It is for the Clubs and Training Providers to add details of courses and maintain contact details to make training courses as accessible as possible.

Please note that the RSGB and Ofcom reserve the right to inspect and observe at any examination venue without prior notice.

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