06 – Advertising your training

admin-ajaxClubs and Training Providers are now shown on a Google Map based search engine. It is for Clubs and Training Providers to update the information in their posting.

GB2RS will always add details of forthcoming courses to the local broadcast script. Magazines such as RadCom and Practical Wireless will include Course adverts; but remember, they are compiled about six to eight weeks before publication, so you need to bear that in mind if you intend to send in your details.

RSGB Headquarters Staff have promotional material that can be used to advertise courses and the hobby in general. These can be requested from the RSGB Headquarters Examinations Secretary.

Radio clubs and rallies are clearly good recruiting grounds. Keep all your local clubs informed of what you are doing so you can co-ordinate your efforts and maybe share the cost of examination room hire, etc.

When planning Intermediate and Advanced courses always contact ex-students from earlier courses as they may be ready to progress. Letting them know about Foundation courses is also useful as they may be able to recommend the courses to friends and family — word of mouth is a very effective advertising medium!

Local radio and press are often on the lookout for short features and a piece on amateur radio with a built-in advert for your Course is an excellent shop window for the hobby and you.

Libraries and shop windows will often display posters but do not expect a permanent spot; they often limit display time to a few weeks.

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