01 – Introduction to training and assessments

_DSC6653This series of documents describes the procedures that are to be followed for the provision of training and assessment as part of the RSGB scheme for people to become eligible for a UK Amateur Radio Licence.

Detailed procedures for the conduct of the Amateur Radio Examinations are covered in a separate booklet known as: EX500 Conduct of Examinations.

Even if you have some experience in providing this training, it is still worth reading through these documents and the EX500 booklet. There have been a number of changes in procedures since the scheme first started and we all need to keep up to date. Read together, these documents and the EX500 booklet provide a definitive version of the ‘end-to-end’ process for the conduct of amateur radio training, assessments and examinations.

These procedures might appear to be quite formal, but they are there to ensure consistency in training and fairness in assessments/examinations for all who take part in the scheme. Separate guidance is in preparation to provide advice on successful ways of delivering the actual training and assessments.

Whilst there is nothing to stop anyone delivering amateur radio training to others, some of the roles in the training/assessment process can only be carried out by Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) Registered Assessors. Everyone who intends to deliver training to others is therefore encouraged to register as a Registered Assessor. RSGB Registered Assessors do not need to be members of the RSGB, but are encouraged to join the Society.

There are no formal training procedures to be followed after any Radio Communication Examination, but Trainers/Assessors are encouraged to offer on-going support to both successful and unsuccessful candidates to encourage them to continue their learning and development as radio amateurs. A number of Clubs have found ‘Activity Evenings’ and local VHF nets useful in maintaining interest.

The RSGB Training & Education Committee offers Train the Trainers events where those who deliver training have the opportunity to learn more about the scheme, share ideas and ask questions of those who perhaps have more or different experience. All involved in delivering Amateur Radio Examinations training are encouraged to attend one of these events, and ideally to attend again every few years to refresh their knowledge.

Trainers and RSGB Registered Assessors are also encouraged to join the RSGBtutors group which provides a forum for discussing matters related to amateur radio training, assessments and examinations.

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