Advanced resources

Advanced! The Full Licence ManualThe following resources are provided for Advanced level exam candidates.


About the Mathematics Primer

An increasing number of candidates who have failed their Advanced exam have taken advantage of the feedback service provided by HQ.

Feedback for the Advanced exam is given over the telephone with the specific intention of helping candidates assess whether they should immediately re-sit the exam following short focused brushing up of their studies or perhaps take a while longer and go through the whole course material again.

The feedback so far given has revealed that a good proportion of the failing candidates have struggled with formula questions.

Sometimes it’s the underlying principles which may not have been grasped fully but more often it’s been about manipulating the formulae themselves.

Discussions between HQ and a number of prominent instructors have resulted in the production of a self-help page entitled Mathematics Primer which is intended as supplement to normal studies rather than a replacement.

Special thanks to Steve Hartley G0FUW, Alan Betts G0HIQ and Brian Reay G8OSN.