British Science Week 2023 (10-19 March)

British Science Week, run by the British Science Association, is an annual event celebrating science, technology, engineering and maths. It provides a platform to support teachers, STEM professionals and the public in delivering STEM activities and events across the UK.

This year’s theme is Connections, which lends itself perfectly to wireless communication and amateur radio-related activities!

Get involved!

We’d love to see radio clubs using this opportunity to get young people involved in ‘connecting’ through amateur radio. Maybe you could approach your local school, Scout/Guiding group or youth club and organise an activity to take place between 10 and 19 March.

Several radio clubs from across the UK have already planned activities for British Science Week, and we hope our resources will inspire you to get involved too!

Soma Bola from RSGB youth assisting Rajiv Nailadi at RCF-sponsored radio Workshop at Bletchley Park

Need some ideas?

We’ve put together a set of activities suitable for children in Early Years, Primary and Secondary school.

Ranging from constructing a yogurt pot telephone and using a torch to send Morse Code messages, to activities with a BBC Micro:bit V2 and receiving a fitter message from the FUNcube satellite.

These are just some suggestions, so click on the front cover and see what could work in your setting.

The British Science Association also provides a range of free activity resources.


Want to discuss your ideas?

Email RSGB Learning Team volunteer John Hislop, G7OHO:


Special event – Build a Morse Tutor at the RSGB National Radio Centre

As part of British Science Week, we are excited to be running our ever popular ‘Build a Morse Tutor’ workshops at Bletchley Park on Saturday 18 March.

These fun, half-day workshops, sponsored by the RCF, are suitable for 11 to 18-year-olds. After an intro to amateur radio, Morse Code and electronic construction, youngsters will get hands on, building a micro-processor Morse Code tutor kit. This will include using a printed circuit board, component selection, soldering and circuit testing.

Spaces are limited and pre-booking is essential. Full details can be found on the Bletchley Park website.


Discover more

Take a look at our Youth web page to find out more about our work with young people.

Watch our video and be inspired!