RSGB Company Secretary

| March 10, 2023

The RSGB is looking to recruit an RSGB Member to the voluntary position of Company Secretary.

The position plays a key role in the Society’s governance and provides vital support in the running of Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Deadline for applications is Monday 24 April.

If you feel you have the necessary skills to fulfil this important role, or would like more information, email the General Manager’s department via



Article 53 of the Society’s Articles of Association require the Board to appoint a Company Secretary.

The Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the Society complies with standard legal practice and maintains high standards of corporate governance. The Secretary also provides important support in the running of Board meetings and Annual General Meetings


The Company Secretary works in and around the Board, reporting to the Board Chair. This provides the opportunity to offer advice and guidance on matters of business law and governance.

The Articles of Association and Bylaws specify the duties of the Company Secretary as follows:

  • Receives agenda items for Board meetings;
  • Prepares minutes of Board meetings;
  • Receives requests for Committee Chairs to attend Board meetings;
  • Calls non-routine Board meetings;
  • Receives resignations from the Board;
  • Signs instruments to which the RSGB Seal is affixed, unless otherwise specified;

The role also covers a range of functions and tasks which include:

  • Organising and preparing agendas and papers for General Meetings, including Annual General Meetings;
  • Overseeing the Articles of Association and Bylaws, making sure they are kept up to date, referring proposed changes to the Members (Articles) or Board (Bylaws) for approval;
  • Contributing to meeting discussions as and when required, and advising members of the legal and governance implications of proposed policies;
  • Dealing with correspondence, collating information and writing reports, ensuring decisions made are communicated to the Members;
  • Monitoring changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment and taking appropriate action;
  • Liaising with external regulators and advisers, such as lawyers and auditors
  • Maintaining statutory books, including registers of members, directors and secretaries;


It has been custom and practice for the Company Secretary to be a volunteer rather than an employee. Acting as a volunteer the Company Secretary is entitled to receive out of pocket expenses but not remuneration.

Where no suitably qualified and experienced volunteer is available, the Articles of Association allow for the Company Secretary to be remunerated as the Board sees fit.

Time commitment

The Company Secretary is expected to carry out most of their duties from home with attendance at monthly Board meetings, which are normally held during the day on Saturdays, or occasionally on a Friday evening, and General Meetings, including the AGM, which are also normally held during the day on Saturdays. Most meetings are virtual – but some travelling will be required.

This will broadly amount to about two or three days a month.


The Company Secretary needs to have:

  • verbal and written communication skills;
  • interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with people at all levels;
  • analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • management skills;
  • teamworking skills;
  • integrity and discretion when handling confidential information;
  • a diplomatic approach and the confidence to provide support to the Board and the General Manager;
  • attention to detail and a well-organised approach to work;
  • a sound grasp of corporate governance issues.
  • strong IT skills
  • experience of working with volunteers

Qualifications & Memberships

There are no mandatory qualifications but the Company Secretary is likely to be a graduate with experience in business management, internal governance and/or business law.

Professional qualifications particularly through ICSA or the Chartered Governance Institute examinations are desirable.

Holding an amateur radio licence and membership of the RSGB is required.


These updated terms of reference are subject to Board final approval.



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