Exams and Syllabus Review Group (ESRG) vacancies

| January 16, 2021

The RSGB is seeking to appoint a Chair and two additional members to the Exams and Syllabus Review Group (ESRG), formerly known as the Exams Group (EG).

Membership of the Group now includes places for club tutors who hold a Full amateur radio licence and have taught the Advanced (Full) Syllabus for at least two years.

Further information about the group, including its terms of reference and membership, can be found at rsgb.org/esrg.

If you are interested in making an application, or require further information about the positions, please email the Examination Standards Committee Chair, Tony Kent, G8PBH at esc.chair@rsgb.org.uk.

For an application, please state in your email which position—Chair or ordinary member—you are interested in and include a brief description of your relevant experience professionally and/or in an amateur radio training capacity.

Category: Volunteer Vacancies