OAS Coordinator vacancy

| July 27, 2018

The Operating Advisory Service (OAS) is the RSGB’s new advisory and reporting service.

It provides advice on good practice to support radio amateurs affected by problems with use of the amateur bands.

The OAS has been created as a new advisory service, replacing the Amateur Radio Observation Service (AROS).

The OAS Coordinator will recruit, train and coordinate a team of volunteer Regional Operating Advisers (ROAs).

These will provide the first point of contact for the regional teams when assisting amateurs.

The OAS Coordinator provides regular reports to the RSGB Board and to other stakeholders at the Board’s request.

A named Board contact supports the OAS Coordinator.

The OAS Coordinator is designated an RSGB Honorary Officer.

Intruder Watch

Intruder Watch (IW) is the RSGB’s mechanism for reporting international misuse to the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) and for responding to requests from the IARU.

IW problems are intrusions across jurisdictions; the intruder may be in one country but those affected in one or more other countries.

Typically these cases are short-term misuse such as pirate radio or inadvertent out-of-band broadcast transmissions.

These cases are passed to the appropriate national spectrum authority—Ofcom in the UK—by the IARU Intruder Watch process and any action lies with that authority.

In recent years the Intruder Watch role has been undertaken by the same person who coordinates the advisory service.

That is not a requirement and another member of the OAS team could do that, while reporting to and through the OAS Coordinator.

How to apply

We are seeking an RSGB member to fill this position.

The role requires patience and tact, good communication skills and a willingness to help create and continue to improve this new service.

There will be a short-listing and interview process, leading to a recommendation to the Board.

Those interested are encouraged to respond early.

To find out more about the role, please send brief details of your relevant experience to RSGB Board Director Philip Willis, M0PHI at m0phi@rsgb.org.uk.

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