RSGB Trophy Manager vacancy

| September 16, 2023

After serving for nine years, the RSGB Trophy Manager is retiring and so we are looking for a new volunteer for this role.

The position is part of the RSGB Volunteer Leadership Team, reporting to the Board.

Working in close relationship with the three Contest Committees and the RSGB General Manager, the Trophy Manager looks after the RSGB trophies, arranges for their engraving and presentation to recipients, and maintains the trophies’ history.

Currently the trophies are stored in a commercial storage facility, paid for by the RSGB.

This facility can be close to your location, so you don’t need to live close to RSGB headquarters.

The Trophy Manager needs to communicate clearly with trophy winners, trophy donors and RSGB staff and volunteers.

You will also need IT skills to prepare the required documents for trophy engraving, maintain various trophy records, and prepare information for use by the RSGB.

You will need to be adaptable, being both proactive and reactive, in order to manage the preparation of trophies for presentation at the AGM and the Convention.

You will need to attend both of those RSGB annual events.

Although set out as an individual role the tasks of the Trophy Manager could also be carried out by a small team, and expressions of interest in carrying out the role in that way would be welcomed.

If you are interested in applying for the role or would like to find out more, please email

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