RSGB comments on Ofcom VDSL report

| August 4, 2017

Ofcom published a research report which RSGB contends came to the mistaken conclusion that no electromagnetic disturbance capable of causing harmful interference was found at three sites tested, all of which had reported interference from VDSL.

The RSGB EMC Committee has analysed in detail the results obtained by Ofcom and converted them to standard units for this type of measurement.

Ofcom results were then found to be within a few dB of RSGB’s earlier measurements at these sites.

We believe these constitute harmful interference and so we presented these results at a meeting with Ofcom in June 2017 (13-page/5.21MB PDF).

Ofcom now propose to conduct further tests at other sites using a different test setup.

We are discussing with them test methods that will find what is and what is not receivable because of the VDSL RFI, currently Ofcom propose to measure only what is receivable despite the RFI.

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