Club Scheme accredited clubs

What is a Beyond Exams Club Scheme accredited club?

Beyond Exams (BE) Club Scheme accredited clubs are committed to running varied and creative activities throughout the year to help give their members a wide range of experiences as part of the scheme. They may also choose to collaborate with other local accredited clubs to share knowledge and expertise.

To become a BE accredited club, your club must be affiliated to the RSGB.

How does my club become accredited to run the BE Club Scheme?

Becoming a BE accredited club is easy. Your club needs to commit to deliver a varied programme of events and activities throughout the year, monitor the progress of each participant and award certificates to the participants as they achieve them. More details are in the FAQ section below.

Frequently asked questions

  • Increased membership We will be promoting the Club Scheme to all newly-licensed operators. We'll also be advertising the scheme across all the appropriate RSGB communication channels, including RadCom, as well as at major events and local rallies. As a result, individuals will be looking to register with a Club Scheme accredited club – make sure yours is one of them to benefit from this opportunity!
  • New associations with other local clubs Everyone benefits when clubs work together
  • A new, varied programme of events and activities We hope that the Club Scheme will give clubs a focus for their annual programme that all members will be able to take part in. When the word gets out that your club offers lots of great, interesting and exciting activities to help members learn new skills and get more involved in the hobby, others will want to join too
  • Progression As members get more involved in the hobby we hope it will encourage more of your members to progress to Intermediate and Full licences
  • Retention We believe that newly-licensed operators who join active clubs with varied programmes are more likely to stay with the club and the hobby for the long term. The Club Scheme will help boost your club’s retention rates
In an effort to keep things as simple as possible, there isn’t a rule book. All we ask is that you undertake to do the following:
  • Deliver a wide and varied programme of events and activities throughout the year that will enable registered participants within the club to work towards the Club Scheme
  • Monitor the progress of each participant and update their Records of Achievement regularly – a blank template can be downloaded once your application has been approved
  • Produce and present Club Scheme certificates to the participants as they achieve them – we will provide the template and you just need to complete the participant’s name and print it off or give it to them as an electronic PDF version
It may be helpful if the club appoints a member to be the ‘Club Champion’ and oversee these tasks, especially if the club has a large number of participants.
We see the Club Scheme as an opportunity for local clubs to work together. Some clubs will have the expertise to offer one set of activities, while another club will have a different range of expertise. If clubs work together, they can share the activities between them to offer members the full range
At the end of each month, clubs should send us a list of members (including their call signs) and the awards they’ve been issued. Please ensure that you have the permission of the participants to do this. We’ll publish these achievements regularly on the Club Scheme web pages, in RadCom and across other RSGB communication channels.
The Club Scheme has been designed to be as easy as possible to implement and manage for accredited clubs. We provide the accredited club with a wide latitude to interpret how they will run the awards within their organisation. However, there do need to be some terms and conditions to identify responsibilities and liabilities. We have tried to keep these to a minimum in order to prevent the management of the awards from becoming an onerous task. In the following terms and conditions, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
  • RSGB” – Radio Society of Great Britain.
  • Club Scheme accredited alub” or “accredited club” – a club that has applied for and been granted accreditation to run Club Scheme in their club.
  • scheme” – Club Scheme.
  • award” – a certificate that is awarded to a participant as they progress through the scheme.
  • participant” – a person that has registered with a Club Scheme Accredited Club to undertake the activities that make up the scheme.
  • accreditation” – permission that is granted to an RSGB-affiliated organisation to run the scheme.
  • Record of Achievement” – a spreadsheet that is used to record a participant’s progress through the scheme.
  • activity” – a task that needs to be undertaken by a participant to achieve an award.
  1. Only organisations that are affiliated to the RSGB can become a Club Scheme accredited club. However, other clubs can register once they have completed their affiliation.
  2. The scheme is an RSGB initiative, wholly owned by the RSGB.
  3. When a participant enrols on the scheme with a Club Scheme accredited club any contract that may be deemed to exist in law will exist between the participant and the Club Scheme accredited club.
  4. By applying for accreditation your organisation is committing to
    • Run activities throughout the year to enable participants to achieve awards
    • Make no charge, over-and-above normal costs, to run these activities or for awards presented to participants
  5. Participants under the age of 18 should be supervised by a parent, guardian or responsible adult when completing activities.
  6. All participants in the scheme do so solely at their own risk and cost.
  7. Some of the activities may require the permission of a third party to enable the participant to complete an activity—e.g. activating a SOTA summit that is located on private land. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that they have obtained such permissions before starting the activity.
  8. The RSGB will not enter into any dispute between participants and Club Scheme accredited clubs.
  9. The only information that the RSGB will hold about participants of the scheme is their name, call sign, awards issued and the dates on which those awards were issued. From time to time a participant's progress may be published by RSGB providing the participant's permission has been given to do so. It is the responsibility of the Club Scheme accredited club to get the participant's agreement to their details being forwarded and publicised.
  10. Any personal information that Club Scheme accredited clubs hold about participants is the responsibility of the accredited club under GDPR law and the RSGB will not be held responsible for any misuse of that information.
  11. If a participant resigns from a Club Scheme accredited club, by whatever means, the accredited club will provide the participant with an electronic copy of their Record of Achievement so that the participant can continue to work towards the awards with another accredited club.
  12. The RSGB reserves the right to terminate an organisation's accreditation
  13. The RSGB reserves the right to withdraw Club Scheme from operation at which point all accredited clubs will be informed and have their accreditation terminated.

Is your club ready to become accredited?

Your application won’t take long and you will hear from us within a few days—just tap or click the button below to get started.

Before you start…

  • You’ll need a named contact for the Club Scheme to complete the application form
  • To apply your club contact will need your club’s Membership Services login and should use the club callsign and the clubs contact details on the application (ie not your own callsign and details)