Single call sign

In Ofcom’s address at the National Hamfest it indicated its desire to move to a single call sign per station.  The presentation slides are available for download.

This Litmus Test consultation has now finished, with the following outcome:

The RSGB considers that a move to a single licence per station needs to be handled with great sensitivity in consideration of the following points:

a)  Many amateurs have a mix of feelings and attachment with their call sign. Their call sign is a bit like a nickname. It may also indicate their time in the hobby. An earlier call sign may be more attractive to use;
b)  Our Litmus Test on the subject suggests that most would agree to restricting UK amateurs to a single call sign, so long as there was a continuing provision of variations to allow Club and Short Contest call signs to be held;
c)  That preference should be given to applying any changes only to new licensees, and if possible by issuing a licence that can be varied as the amateur progresses (as opposed to revoking earlier licences);
d)  The view on re-issue of licences was balanced, some would not want re-issuing to take place, and others would be content.