Celebrating 1921 at Ardrossan in 2021

History of Radio Exhibition

North Ayrshire Council will be mounting an Exhibition on the History of Radio at their Heritage Centre in Saltcoats. This will include historic radio equipment and story boards covering a brief History and Development of Shortwave Radio and applications, from James Clerk Maxwell & Hertz et al up to the present day and including Paul Godley’s historic reception, at Ardrossan, of the first confirmed personal message using shortwave signals from across the Atlantic in Dec 1921. Contact details and directions for the Heritage Centre can be found here.

GB1002ZE Special Event Station

During December 2021, accompanying the exhibition at Saltcoats, local amateurs will activate an amateur radio station, in the Heritage Centre, using the special callsign GB1002ZE, to commemorate the centenary of the successful reception of American radio amateurs by Paul Godley (US callsign 2ZE) in December 1921 from a field nearby at Ardrossan.

Paul Godley’s receiving tent at Ardrossan in December 1921 – copyright Bruce Littlefield, used with their kind permission

Further details of the Special Event Station may be obtained from Robbie Vennard (GM0SEI) or Robert McCluskie Alexander (GM0DEQ)