YOTA Hungary Team

We are delighted to announce the team of young people who will represent the RSGB at this year’s YOTA summer camp in Hungary.

Alexander Du Rose, 2E0FMZ (Team Leader)

Age: 22

From: Nottinghamshire

“I have always found amateur radio to be a very deep and enriching hobby that allows for the exploration of many different concepts from electronics to solar weather. The social side of the hobby has allowed to meet and befriend many interesting people from a wide range of backgrounds with their own spin on what this hobby means to them.

I am especially excited to make more friends from across IARU Region 1 and potentially catch up with a few others I met during 2020’s winter YOTA camp in the Netherlands. I’m also looking forward to meeting my teammates in person and finding out what activities and events MRASZ and have in store for us. And of course, exploring Hungary and Gyor!”

Fun fact: “I’m terrible at maths, however, I can clap with one hand!”


Henry-James Robinson, M7HJR 

Age: 17

From: Cambridgeshire

“I mainly enjoy digital voice modes such as DMR, Fusion, D-STAR by using repeaters and hotspots. I also enjoy going portable both locally and when visiting new areas of the country, I have recently activated G/WB-010 (The Wrekin) A SOTA point in Shropshire.

At YOTA Camp 2023 I am most looking forward to learning new skills and developing skills that I have learnt since getting my licence in 2019.”

Fun fact: “I drive a yellow car and can be easily spotted by other operators because of my mobile antennas (and maybe the colour!)”


Hannah Lee, M7YYQ

Age: 21

From: Redditch

“My favourite thing about amateur radio is being part of a community that promotes approaching and solving problems together. Aron 9A7AS and I, with the help of Domagoj 9A7RA, were recently able to build a new power supply cable for my FT-77, to replace the original I had lost.

I am most looking forward to developing my operating skills at YOTA, as I am relatively new to amateur radio, and I still have so much learn.”

Fun fact: “I chose my call sign (M7YYQ) to match my Grandad’s (G4YYQ), as he was the person who introduced me to amateur radio. Coincidently, my spouse’s former call sign (9A7ROR) was chosen in homage to his Grandfather (YU2ROR) for the same reason!”


Jake Saul, M7JNS

Age: 23

From: Teesside

“I principally enjoy the design and building aspects of amateur radio; it gives me a great sense of satisfaction to build antennas and kits. Hopefully, going to YOTA Hungary will allow me to venture further into amateur radio.


Fun fact: “I am very interested in languages and I’m an upper intermediate level Spanish speaker.”