YOTA Month 2020

We’re preparing for YOTA Month again which takes place in December 2021. This will be the eighth year that the Society has taken part in this incredible event, aimed at getting youngsters from all over the world active on air for a month of radio fun!

The RSGB has taken part in YOTA Month since 2014 and sees it as an integral part of the Society’s Strategy 2022 as we aim to grow and develop amateur radio, supporting and encouraging active participation in the hobby.

Who is this for?

We are still living in difficult times but, hopefully, this year we will be able to encourage more people to get on air as restrictions continue to be lifted world-wide. We do strongly encourage any groups or teams to take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

If you are a parent and have a Full licence, this year you can reserve the call sign for young operators in your family to use. This will be the safest way for them to get involved and on the air.

All operations should be focused with the intention to get young people on the air.

When can I host the call sign?

We are using the call sign GB21YOTA this year and it will be available for Full licence holders to book an appointment slot within a set calendar.

The calendar will be available on the GB21YOTA QRZ.com page – take a look and choose when you would like to operate.

All operations should have the intention of getting young people on the air so all operators should be aged 26 years or under, as defined by the IARU Region 1 Youngsters On The Air (YOTA) programme.

How can I get involved?

To register your interest or to reserve an operating slot please send an email Jamie, M0SDV: yota.month@rsgb.org.uk

You will need to include your name, club or organisation, call sign to be associated with the activation (must be a Full licence), as well as some information about what you’re planning and a copy of your full amateur radio or club licence for verification.

How else can I take part?

There are many ways to encourage youngsters to get on the air, whether you use the GB21YOTA call sign or not. The main purpose of December YOTA Month is to encourage youth to get on the air, however this is not a limiting factor. You can run buildathons, direction finding, lessons or courses, have lectures, or just operate and make QSOs. You are limited only by your imagination.

Inspire me!

If you want to see how things took place in 2020, one of the most difficult years, see March 2021 RadCom. For a report in more normal times, see March 2020 RadCom.