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YOTA 2017 offers a week-long range of wireless technology activities

This includes a special event station, a buildathon, antenna building, an Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) contest and a Summits on the Air (SOTA) activation.

There will also be an opportunity to visit Ofcom’s Radio Monitoring Station at Baldock, Bletchley Park—including the National Radio Centre—and the Science Museum.

The activity plan is taking shape and we’ve had offers of help from a number of clubs, including Loughton and Epping Forest ARS, Radio Society of Harrow, Camb-Hams and the Radio Scouting leaders from Gilwell Park.

We hope this will be a memorable event for everyone involved.

Regional events

The RSGB’s regional team and clubs all over the country are supporting YOTA 2017 by putting on their own events for young people during the YOTA 2017 week.

Events are being added to the RSGB’s online events planner every day, so check there to see what is happening in your area. If you’re still finalising an event and would like to talk it through, email

Press release for club use

YOTA 2017 is a great opportunity to publicise amateur radio in your area, so if you’re organising an event to support YOTA please contact your local media to tell them about it.

This press release is a template to help you if you are new to talking to the media—please read through these quick tips before you send it off.

  • There are eight sections in red where you need to put in your own information, seven in the release and one in the notes to editors; make sure you use all of them—using black font not red—or remove the red instructions if you want to miss a section
  • Check your information carefully as it is easy to miss out a word or type the wrong letter
  • Save your press release as a PDF before sending it to your local journalist or radio station

Do share any media coverage you get with us, either by telling us on social media or by emailing