Convention 2021 online

Last year’s Convention was held on Saturday, 9 October 2021.

We streamed the Convention live on our YouTube channel from 08.30 onwards, and ran a great range of presentations throughout the day.

If you missed anything or want to see it again, both streams are now available below, or on the RSGB YouTube channel.

Lecture streams

You can stick with one stream or dip in and out of both – the choice is yours!

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Keynote presentation

Professor Cathryn Mitchell, M0IBG – Radio Technology and Space Science – A Perfect Partnership

The talk explored the connections between radio and space and looked at the many ways that everyone can get involved. Radio science is fundamental to space exploration but also to many aspects of our lives. From satnavs to mobile phones to Wi-Fi we usually take radio for granted but we all know the frustration when it does not work as well as we expect! We need experts who are trained in the theory, practical problem solvers, who are willing and able to fix problems and also experimenters who discover practical improvements that challenge our understanding.

Cathryn answered a number of questions in the live chat after her presentation but unfortunately we ran out of time for all of them. She has very kindly provided written answers to those extra questions (1-page/305KB PDF).

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