Convention 2019 Buildathon

This year the Buildathon will feature the latest surface mount version of the Sudden-2 Receiver from Kanga Products.

This is a great opportunity to learn about Surface Mount techniques with expert help available; members of the Bath Buildathon team will be on hand to guide you through the different techniques for working with surface mount devices.

Last year we had a number of constructors who had avoided surface mount devices in the past, but left the workshop full of confidence to use them again in the future. You will also leave with a very useful amateur band receiver.

The Buildathon will take place on the Saturday evening starting at 18:00. All places need to be pre-booked and will cost £39.50 to include the kit and a buffet supper. This is the same price as the cost of the Gala Dinner!

Book your Buildathon place now!

SMD Sudden

The Sudden Direct Conversion Receiver, created by the Rev. George Dobbs, G3RJV (SK), appeared in SPRAT (Autumn 1989) and has been a very popular club project ever since.

The Sudden-2 (SMD) is based closely on the original Sudden with the following differences:

• It uses SMD components; 1206 or equivalent size
• Tuned circuits use Toko™ type coils (10K series)
• Oscillator is tuned by potentiometer and variable capacitance diode
• AF amplifier has hiss-reducing components
• All power, antenna, headphone and potentiometer connections are made via Molex™ Connectors
• 9 or 12 volt operation
• PCB has solder mask and white screen-printing to make construction easier
• Headphones or loudspeaker can be used.

All kits will come with a full set of instructions which will include a Schematic, Board Layout including pictures as required. The Bath Buildathon team members will be there to assist with tweezers, soldering tools, magnifying goggles, and all test equipment needed to ensure you go home with a working project.