RSGB Construction Competition 2019

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Entering a club construction competition? Why not submit your entry to the annual RSGB Construction Competition too? Even team entries are allowed for a group-build club project.

Entry to the annual RSGB Construction Competition is now open and judging will take place at the RSGB Convention in October 2019. To register your intention to enter the competition click on the button at the bottom of the page.

The aim of the competition is to encourage home construction, experimentation, design and innovation. Entries covering any aspect of amateur radio are welcome—software, antennas, test equipment, receivers, transmitters and systems—the possibilities are endless!

Any RSGB Member, or group of Members, is eligible to enter.

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All entries must be available for judging at the RSGB Convention in October but the constructor need not be present in person. Judging will take place on the Saturday at noon, and winners will be announced on the Sunday afternoon.

The closing date will be Friday 4 October 2019 and any project that you have built, other than one that was a previous winner in this competition, may be entered.

Entries must have an amateur radio context.

Examples might include any combination of receivers, transmitters, transceivers, aerials, instrumentation, test equipment, measurement equipment or systems, or software, but are not limited to those examples.

Entries must contain an element of home construction but we do not stipulate whether this is mechanical, electronic, software or system.

The judges would appreciate a succinct description of the project objective, its design, interesting problems that needed to be solved, and evidence that it works, such as showing it working, showing a video of it working, providing photographs, details of contacts made with it, etc.

All entries will be judged together but the judges will consider awarding a prize in each of the following categories.


The aim is to encourage and reward original designs, which can be software, hardware or a combination thereof.

The entry will be judged on the elegance and innovation used to solve a new problem, or to solve a well-known problem in some better way.

The entry will also be judged on the degree to which it advances the state-of-the-art in amateur radio.


The aim here is to encourage traditional construction projects.

Entries may be original or based on a published design.

Kits may feature, either as a part or the whole of the project.

For kit builders, credit will be given for personal additions, modifications or finishing touches.

Entries in this category will be judged on the overall quality of the construction/excellence in craftsmanship.


This category is aimed at those new to amateur radio.

The entrant(s) must have an amateur radio licence for less than three years, and must not have prior professional experience in a related field.


This category is aimed at our young Members. The entrant(s) must be a Junior RSGB Member on the date of submission of the entry.


The judges will also select an overall winner and the constructor of the entry will receive the Pat Hawker G3VA trophy.

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The RSGB Convention and Construction Competition is generously sponsored by Martin Lynch and Sons