Publications Group (PG) – Terms of Reference

Objectives & scope

  • The Publications Group (PG) will assist the RSGB in the delivery of its strategic objectives through product and process innovation and review in the areas of publications, merchandise and delivery
  • The scope of publications is material, in any media, that is produced to promote the general advancement of the science and practice of Radio Communication or other subjects allied thereto
  • The scope of merchandise includes items or services relating to radio communication and subjects allied thereto, produced by the RSGB or purchased for the purpose of resale, for revenue generation or for Member benefit


To the Board in conjunction with the other CITC WG Chairs.


  • Representatives of the RSGB departments responsible for publications and for merchandising
  • Other suitably qualified volunteers
  • The number of members to be determined by the Board from time to time


PG will:

  • Maintain a list of tasks agreed with the Board and regularly report on its progress to the Board
  • Work within the strategies and policies issued by the Board from time to time


  • PG has no authority to commit the RSGB to any course of action without prior approval of the Board
  • These Terms of Reference derive from, and are subject to, those of the CITC generally

Working methods:

  • PG will aim to meet electronically once per month, for a short review of task status, and at other times as determined by specific task needs
  • The PG will co-ordinate with the Media Group (MG), the Electronic Systems Group (ESG), and such other RSGB Committees or groups that are necessary for its work