CITC terms of reference

Communications & IT Sub-Committee of the Board (CITC) – Terms of Reference


To review, oversee and advise the Board on appropriate strategies, policies and processes for the following RSGB business sectors including current and forecast usage, development, and innovation, financial, commercial and marketing aspects:

  • Media and public relations
    • Social media development & monitoring
    • GB2RS development
    • Membership communications in all media
    • Public relations
  • Publications & Merchandising
    • Books
    • Periodicals
    • Other media publications
    • Merchandising
  • Electronic systems
    • Website development & monitoring
    • IT Projects
    • Communication systems and knowledge retention
    • HQ IT systems

Implement those strategies, policies and processes as agreed by the Board through 3 collaborative Working Groups for each sector to undertake all necessary work to achieve these Objectives.

Reporting and review:

  • By and to the Board only
  • These CITC ToR’s are subject to review and alteration from time to time, with Board approval being required for any significant changes
  • The CITC structure will be reviewed by the Board during the latter half of 2018


The Working Groups shall include representatives of the Board, HQ staff and Regional Council together with any other suitably qualified or experienced volunteers recommended by the WG Chairs and approved by the Board.


The CITC structure will:

  • Regularly report progress to the Board and encourage coordination and collaboration between the Working Groups
  • Work within the strategies and policies issued by the Board from time to time


  • The CITC structure has no authority to commit the RSGB to any course of action without prior approval of the Board, unless the proposed action is part of the current Operational Plan and is approved by the relevant budget holder and/or the GM as the context requires
  • In particular the CITC structure shall not insist on any course of action without Board approval if in the opinion of the GM such action will have adverse consequences within HQ operations

Working Procedures

  • To be decided by the Working Groups but intended to be mostly virtual and maybe using project management software and/or a software collaborative work platform
  • Decisions and actions must be recorded in writing, together with, where necessary, reasons for them