Communications & IT Sub-Committee of the Board (CITC)

This a permanent Sub-Committee, set up by the Board to support some key operational objectives, replacing the Content Management Group (CMG). It reports only to the Board as required.

The structure consists of 3 Working Groups – Publications, Media and Electronic Systems, as shown in the diagram below.

CITC organogram

The overall objectives are to review, advise the Board, and implement appropriate strategies, policies and processes for:

  • Media and communications, including news and public relations; and
  • Publications including video, books and periodicals; and
  • Electronic systems including HQ infrastructure, website and IT project management.

The work will include current and forecast usage, development, and innovation, financial, commercial and marketing aspects.  This structure will be reviewed by the Board in the latter half of 2018.

The current membership of the 3 Working Groups comprises a Board member as Chair together with others who carry out the various operational tasks:

  • Chair MG – currently vacant
  • Chair ESG – Ian Shepherd G4EVK
  • Chair PG – Stewart Bryant G3YSX
  • Regional Council representative – currently vacant
  • Murray Niman G6JYB
  • General Manager – Steve Thomas M1ACB
  • Commercial Manager – Mark Allgar M1MPA
  • Communications Manager – Heather Parsons
  • Radcom Editor – Elaine Richards
  • Webmaster – Rob King

Others will be invited as required for the work in hand.