IARU Committee

IARU Region-1

IARU Region-1 Conference

Participation in the international aspects of amateur radio, and management of the Society’s relationship with the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)

What we do

  • Deal with international matters, especially those arising from the Society’s membership of the IARU
  • Advise the Board on matters connected with conferences and other meetings outside the UK
  • Provide a final check and co-ordination of international conference papers to be presented by the Society and other UK amateur radio organisations for international meetings, where they are being represented by the Society, making appropriate recommendations to the Board
  • Coordinate Society positions for all agenda items at forthcoming international meetings making appropriate recommendations to the Board.
  • Recommend to the Board the names of the delegates to attend IARU conferences, Spectrum Managers’ meetings and IARU working groups—delegates may include Spectrum Managers or their nominated representatives, members of the IARU Committee and other experts recommended by relevant Society committees

The work of the Committee will normally be carried out by email without meetings, unless circumstances deem otherwise.

The committee is chaired by the President and shall consist of all relevant Hon Officers and Committee Chairs or their nominated representatives. Exceptionally, other RSGB Members may be temporally invited to join where they have some personal involvement in a particular international meeting. All members of the committee will have separately agreed to accept and follow the RSGB’s core Ethos values and Code of Conduct.

Created 9 August 2010, amended 3 March 2016