Nominated director candidate

Chris Caldicott, G4DJJ

Chris Callicott, G4DJJ

Curriculum Vitae

I am currently a Trustee of a professional membership-based organisation (The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine) with responsibilities defined by the Charities Commission.

I have been active in HF and LF Dxing and contesting since 2006.

I was Clinical Director and Head of an NHS regional medical physics service before I retired in 2016. I had overall responsibility for clinical governance, financial management and the delivery of safe, effective and efficient medical physics services to numerous customer organisations. I was also responsible for the education and training of our staff and oversaw our scientific publishing activity.

Personal Statement

Wish to contribute to promotion and development of the hobby and the Society: specifically, to assist in the development and implementation of strategies which enable the RSGB to respond to current and future challenges, to promote membership and to manage the risks faced by the Society.

To support the promotion of the hobby to young people in ways that appeal to them, encourage their pursuit of the hobby and help to maintain its relevance alongside other means of interpersonal communication and the ubiquitous availability of modern technology.

Assist in the evaluation of the current licensing structure ad the associated examination syllabus and processes to optimise recruitment and retention within the hobby.

To assist in the search for radio amateurs who can make a significant strategic contributions to the work of the Society.

To assist the work of other Directors in the development of the Society in ways which the Board regards as appropriate.