Explanatory notes

Explanatory Note 1 (item 4)
The Articles require that Nominated Directors are endorsed by the Membership in a secret ballot on or before the AGM [Article 33C]. Dr Chris Callicott, G4DJJ was recommended to the Board as a Nominated Director by the Nominations Committee in November 2018. The Board accepted the recommendation in January 2019 and Dr Callicott is offered for endorsement in accordance with the Articles.

Explanatory Note 2 (item 5)
The Board recommends the AGM to vote in favour of this Special Resolution. The work recently completed to create the Volunteer Leadership Team has emphasised the importance the Board places on having a functioning and effective Regional Forum. It is generally accepted that Boards and Committees work best if there is a regular flow of new people bringing new ideas and new approaches to the group. The Board itself is the subject of term limits—the change now proposed brings the Regional Forum into line with the Board. The Board recognises that it can be difficult to fill Regional Representative vacancies and so the amendment gives it the power to waive the term limit if it considers that it is in the Society’s best interests to do so. This might most often happen if, after advertisement, no applications were received and the incumbent was willing to continue.

Explanatory Note 3 (item 6)
The Board recommends the AGM to vote in favour of this Special Resolution. In 2019 and previously it has been difficult for the Society to attract people of the right calibre to be Board Directors. The Society’s solicitors have advised that the current Article might be construed so as to prevent a Board Member from ever returning to the Board after they have completed two terms. The Board accepts that a gap in service is desirable to allow new candidates to stand for Board election, and it considers that having a one year gap is sufficient to allow for that. Once the year has passed the Board considers that retired Presidents or Board Directors should be able to stand again. To prevent them from doing so unnecessarily restricts the field of candidates the Members, the Board or Nominations Committee has to choose from. Minor amendments have also been made to Article 33 and 35 to apply the same restrictions to retiring Presidents who have reached the term limit