My perspective after a year on the Board

Mark Jones, G0MGX

Mark Jones, G0MGX

Why you should consider standing for the RSGB Board—my perspective after a year on the Board

I had always wanted to put something back into the hobby of amateur radio.

Having been licensed since I was 14 years old, the RSGB and the hobby in general have had quite a significant influence on my life and career.

Back in 2013 I became a deputy to one of the RSGB Honorary Officers (HO); that role progressed and I moved into the full HO role in 2014.

After five years I was quite familiar with some aspects of the RSGB and it seemed that it might be that I could add some value to the RSGB Board.

As a chartered IT professional in a customer-facing role I thought that some of my skills might be of benefit to the organisation at a higher, more strategic level.

I sought some advice from several RSGB Members, achieved the required nominations and successfully stood for election as a Director at the 2018 AGM.

I genuinely believe that our hobby has a huge amount to offer in the future and the strategy that the RSGB follows and how it implements it is key.

I am very grateful to be able to form part of the team that steers this ship and hope that I can make a difference.

Being involved in the management of a primarily volunteer organisation brings is own unique challenges; some of which are unprecedented when compared to my professional career.

However, seeing results brings me a great deal of satisfaction and I have already made several significant achievements in my role as a RSGB Director.

I published a set of objectives against my allocated key strategic aim “Growth” in the October 2018 RadCom.

In support of these objectives I have so far helped deliver—

  • The first buildathon held at the National Hamfest aimed at novice constructors
  • YOTA camp
  • YOTA month for December 2018
  • Development and promotion of a scheme to help individuals on their amateur radio journey (due for launch mid-2019)

If you think you have a set of skills that would be of benefit to the RSGB, enjoy a unique challenge and have time to spare, then please step forward and find out more.


If you would like to discuss the Director vacancies please contact Ian Shepherd, G4EVK on