Regional and Board elections 2020

This is the time of year when we call for volunteers to step forward for election at the RSGB 2020 AGM.

Click or tap here for nominations guidance and all the forms

The 2020 AGM will take place at the Jurys Inn in Birmingham on 25 April 2020.

The Society is run primarily by its Members and we seek volunteers who are willing and able to give their time and enthusiasm to ensure the Society continues to provide support to our Members.

In 2020 we will be looking to appoint two elected Board Directors, three nominated Board Directors and six Regional Representatives (RRs).

This could result in a large number of new people joining our leadership team.

In view of this, and with significant changes underway in the organisation of the Society, the Board wish to ensure the continuity of progress and have decided to extend the term of Dave Wilson, M0OBW as President for a further year as provided for in the Articles of Association.

The Elected Director vacancies occur as Mark Jones, G0MGX and Simone Wilson, M0BOX have left the Board during the year.

The Nominated Director vacancies occur due to Philip Willis, M0PHI coming to the end of his first term of office and Chris Callicott, G4DJJ leaving the Board due to health reasons. Kamal Singh, M0IOV and John Rogers, M0JAV were co-opted to the Board during 2019 and come to the end of their co-option period. All are eligible to stand for election as Directors in the 2020 elections.

Elected Board Directors require the support of 10 Members entitled to vote from any part of the Membership.

Six Regional Representative vacancies also arise due to the current post holders completing their three-year terms, or because they were co-opted into a vacancy after the last AGM.

Whilst most Regions have RRs who are willing to stand for re-election, applications are welcome from all RSGB Members living in the Regions with vacancies.

  • Region 2 – Scotland North & Northern Isles
    Denny Morrison, GM1BAN is currently co-opted and is willing to stand for election
  • Region 5 – England West Midlands
    Martyn Vincent, G3UKV is the current RR and is not willing to stand for re-election
  • Region 7 – South Wales
    Glyn Jones, GW0AWA is the current RR and is willing to stand for re-election
  • Region 11 – England South-West and Channel Islands
    Dean Brice, G0OIL is currently co-opted as RR and is willing to stand for election
  • Region 12 – England East and East Anglia
    Keith Gaunt, G7CIY, is currently co-opted as RR and is willing to stand for election
  • Region 13 – England East Midlands
    Mark Burrows, 2E0SBM is currently co-opted as RR and is willing to stand for election

Nominations for the RR vacancies require the support of 10 Members entitled to vote who reside in the relevant Region.

Further information about the election vacancies, together with nomination forms, will be available on these pages, or can be obtained by post from the General Manager at RSGB HQ.

Candidates need to download, complete and post their candidate forms to the Company Secretary via HQ—an email copy to is also helpful.

Nominators—the nomination process is online—candidates are given personal URLs and if they wish you to nominate them, they will approach you directly.

Completed papers, with their supporting nominations must be received by 2359UTC on 31 January 2020.

Know someone who would make a good Board Member or RR?

Why not ask them to consider standing?

Volunteers are not paid but out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed.

If anyone has any enquiries about the elections or would like to discuss the roles, please contact Board Chair, Ian Shepherd, G4EVK, for the Director vacancies, by email to, or Philip Hosey, MI0MSO, for the Regional Representative vacancies, via

Enquiries can also be made by email to