Wisley & Ockham Commons

| November 17, 2012

Sponsor: RSGB
Organiser: M6MDD


Date(s) - Sat 17 Nov 2012
Times - 10:00 - 14:30

At Wisley Common - (Details linked)
    Wisley Common, Wisley, Surrey, GU23 6QD, 9


The results have now been posted.


A 7 control 2m plus 5 control 80m sprint ARDF event at Wisley & Ockham Commons on Saturday 17th November 2012

Map and Terrain

The map is 1:10,000 updated winter 2009 by Peel Land Surveys with further updates by S. Mckinley.

Maps will be printed on waterproof paper. Size will be A4.

The commons make up over 323 hectares (800 acres) of heathland and woodland. The lowland heathland area is a very scarce habitat and supports a specific and unusual range of wildlife.

The three areas have been designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest by English Nature in recognition of their importance for nature conservation. They are also part of a European Special Protection Area.

The M25 cuts through the northern area of these open spaces and Wisley airfield provides a southern border. They straddle the A3, with Boldermere lake supporting a wide range aquatic life on the eastern side of the road. Ockham & Wisley is a nationally important site for dragonflies and damselflies. Twenty species have been recorded here.

Many rare birds can been seen on this site. One is the hobby, which is one of the few creatures that can actually catch dragonflies.

Two species of trees grow so readily on this site, that if left uncontrolled, they would take over the open heathland. Birch colonises heathland very quickly, especially on burnt areas. Scots Pine was introduced to Surrey for timber and readily seeds itself in heathland.

Format of the Event

  • The event will conform to the general principles of IARU events, but will be less formal than a Championship. There will be a maximum of seven transmitters and an MO beacon at the finish. Competitors can elect to hunt all seven ‘foxes’ (long course) or a specified five (short course). There will be a walk to the start of the long and short courses.
  • A three transmitter novice course will also be available and this will start and finish at the assembly area.
  • The transmitters will be separated by a minimum 400m and the nearest transmitter to the Start will be a minimum of 750m.


  • 07:22 Sunrise
  • 10:00 Registration opens. Information sheets issued to ALL entrants.
  • 10:30 Assemble for the walk to the start of the long and short courses.
  • 11:00 – 11:45 2m Starts
  • 13:00 – 13:30 80m Starts
  • 14:30 Courses close.
  • 16:08 Sunset.


Entry fee is £7


  • Registration and Finish will be co-located near the car park. The novice course start will also be here. There will be a walk to the start of the long and short courses.
  • Look out for the ARDF Feather Flag.
  • In accordance with the informality of the event the organisers will not require you to deposit your receiver in a pound before the transmitters start sending. They do expect you to respect the spirit of this concession by refraining from using your receiver until reporting to officials in the start area and then only under their supervision.

Loan Equipment

Receivers for 144MHz are available on loan. E-Mail the organiser (address below) to reserve.


  • All participants are warned that the M25 and A3 are dangerous roads.
  • They must only be crossed using the bridges marked on the map. Survivors will be disqualified.
  • You are responsible for your own safety.
  • Whistles should be carried (the emergency signal is 6 blasts repeated at 1 minute intervals).


Michael Dunbar at m6mdd.ardfgmail.com

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