Index to EMC Matters

Here the RSGB has collected all EMC articles published in RadCom since June 1989 to form a unique and valuable resource for the Society’s membership.

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Topic Date
13.8v switch-mode power supplies Oct-05 Dec-05
136 kHz QRM Oct-99
144 MHZ EME EMC Jun-08
2.4 and 5 GHz wireless lans Feb-07
3,5 MHz QRM Oct-09
432 MHz devices Dec-98 Oct-06
Baby alarms Jun-96 Aug-91 Dec-91
500 kHz band Dec-07
56k modems Jun-02
80m phone jacks Apr-99
A no RFI computer ? Feb-97
A case history Aug-98
A quiet ADSL router Dec-06
Access PLT update Jun-05
Active TV aerials Jun-97 Apr-99
Add-on mains filters Jun-08
ADSL Filters Apr-05
ADSL Immunity Aug-05 Feb-06 Oct-05 Jun-12
ADSL Microfilters Feb-05
ADSL update Dec-00
ADSL1 and ADSL2 Oct-06
Advice to Neighbours Feb-91
AM loop antennas Apr-96
Amstrad PC 1512 and 1640 Feb-91
Astral noise Apr-98
Audio breakthrough Jun-91
Audio systems Feb-02
Audio systems and EMC Apr-07
Automotive EMC Aug-89 Aug-90 Feb-91 Aug-91 Dec-91 Feb-92 Feb-93
Automotive EMC Apr-93 Feb-94 Dec-95 Aug-96 Oct-97 Apr-99 Oct-00
Automotive EMC Apr-03 Apr-04 Jun-03 Oct-04 Oct-09 Dec-09
Automotive EMC- Radio keys Feb-95 Dec-95 Apr-96 Jun-96 Oct-96 Jun-06 Aug-96
Automotive EMC- Radio keys Dec-96 Oct-97 Feb-99
Automotive multiplex wiring Aug-06
Battery chargers Oct-12
Bluetooth Jun-00
Bread-maker interference Apr-01
Broadband Britain Dec-02
Broadband interference Aug-93 Feb-11
Broadband wireless Oct-03
BT vision Oct-08
Cable TV Aug-97 Dec-97 Jun-99 Jun-00
Cancellation techniques Jun-89 Apr-91
Capacitors in EMC filters Feb-92
Car alarms Jun-93 Feb-96 Apr-98
Cardiac pacemekers Aug-89
Cassette recorders Aug-89
Car flasher units Dec-91
Car headlights Jun-02
Car parking radar Jun-02 Apr-11
CE mark Apr-96 Aug-08
Central heating EMC Oct-92
Clip-on RF Ammeter Apr-93
Comments to Oftel Jun-99
Community broadband project Aug-08
Computer breakthrough Aug-91
Computer EMC Aug-90 Dec-96 Aug-96 Jun-96 Feb-97 Jun-99 Aug-01
Computer EMC Oct-90
Computer Network Switches Jun-05
Data on mains Aug-98
Dealing with neighbours Jun-89 Aug-90 Feb-91
Digital HF Dec-98
Digital TV Aug-99 Dec-98 Jun-02 Apr-05 Oct-06 Dec-07 Oct-12
Dimmer switches Apr-95
Domestic Interference Cases Feb-01
DS2 devices Oct-08
DTI EMC awareness Apr-93
DVD players Apr-11 Feb-12
EC PLC workshop Jun-01
Electric fences Dec-05 Feb-06 Oct-11
Electric scooters and tricycles Oct-04
Electricity meters Aug-07 Apr-10
Electronic tags Aug-92
E-marked amateur transceivers Jun-03
EMC banana skins Feb-05
EMC 90 Exhibition Dec-90
EMC Co-ordinators Feb-90 Feb-91 Aug-91 Jun-92
EMC Directive Jun-89 Aug-89 Apr-90 Dec-90 Apr-91 Oct-93 Feb-96
EMC Directive Apr-96 Aug-04 Oct-04
EMC Flow chart-AM Radio Dec-91
EMC in lighting Jun-02
EMC in vehicles Feb-92
EMC on 70cms Feb-95
EMC problems in high rise flats Jun-93
EMC question at BT AGM Oct-08
EMC Regulations and standards Dec-92 Feb-93 Apr-93 Dec-93 Apr-95 Feb-96 Apr-97
EMC Regulations and standards Apr-98 Feb-03 Dec-04 Dec-06 Apr-07 Apr-08
EMC statistics Feb-92
EMC Conferences etc Jun-95 Aug-90 Dec-90 Dec-03 Dec-08 Dec-09
EMC UK 2008 Dec-08
Emission Standards Oct-90 Jun-95 Oct-95 Feb-96 Jun-96 Jun-98 Oct-98
Emission Standards Apr-99 Jun-12
EN55022 IT equipment standard Dec-02
Enforcement Jun-12
Excessive field strength Feb-02
Ferrite rings/cores Oct-89 Dec-89 Feb-90 Jun-90 Feb-91 Oct-91 Jun-92
Ferrite rings/cores Dec-92 Dec-93 Jun-94 Aug-95 Feb-96 Jun-96 Feb-98
Ferrite rings/cores Aug-09 Dec-11 Aug-12
Field Strength Oct-95 Apr-90 Jun-90 Aug-99 Apr-02 Jun-09 Oct-12
Filterless PC PSUs Jun-08
Filterless PC PSUs in France Aug-08
Filters and ferrite chokes for TV Feb-98
Filters TVI 70cm Jun-93
Filters TVI High pass Apr-91 Jun-97 Feb-98
Finland rejects PLT Oct-01
Fly-killer emissions Feb-92
Fridge-freezer Apr-98
Fridge Savaplugs Oct-02 Feb-03 Aug-04
Friedrichshaven 1995 Oct-95
Garage door opener Feb-95
German PLC trial Jun-01
Good Housekeeping Oct-89 Feb-91 Aug-93
Greedy PLT booklet Dec-09
GSM Telephones Aug-91 Aug-93
Hair remover 14MHz Apr-96
Handling neighbours Feb-00
Noise levels Jun-98 Apr-99 Jun-99 Apr-02
HF Radio 2000 Oct-00
HF wireless phone jacks Apr-01
HF wireless phone jacks Jun-01
High frequency lighting Dec-02
Home networks Dec-98 Feb-00 Aug-01 Aug-04 Dec-04 Apr-05
Home powerline networks Dec-06 Aug-08
Homeplug Alliance Jun-00
Homeplug specification Oct-08