IARU 2014 Consultation

The current consultation on IARU Matters is for the Region-1 General Conference that will be in Varna, Bulgaria in September 2014

Using the Litmus Process, it covers three stages:-

  1. Call for papers (ie to suggest/outline key topics ) which are aligned to:-
    • C3 – General Topics – for example Admin, QSLs, Working Groups on EMC, Development, Youth etc
    • C4 – HF matters – for example band plan harmonisation, accommodating new modes etc
    • C5 – VHF/Microwave  - for example new modes, criteria for the new 6m beacon network, spectrum pressures etc
  2. Review Draft UK Papers prior to submission (February/March 2014)
  3. Review of All Submissions including from other countries (Summer 2014)

Note: Frequency specific items on band plans, technical standards or IARU-R1 contests matters should be raised in either C4 (for HF) or C5 (VHF/Microwave) as appropriate.

We have now completed Stage-2 and all draft papers have been finalised and submitted. The consultation threads are now locked until Stage-3 opens in the summer

The consultation forum has copies of the draft papers, all of which follow the format of:-

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Key points/proposal/justification
  • Recommendations (ie the precise wording that will be endorsed for implementation)

Participation is open to any UK Amateur.

  • Read the online discussion and drafts   (now complete/locked)
  • Registration, which will need a valid e-mail address, as an e-mail will be sent to that address with an authentication link to click.  This will then complete the registration process and provide full privileges to post to the discussions (note that registered users of our previous consultation forum will need to re-register)


Additional Background: The Spectrum Forum IARU pages have papers and minutes from the most recent Region-1 Conference and Vienna Interim Meeting