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This page contains downloadable files to support RadCom articles.


RadCom January 2014

This 21.6k ZIP file contains the  files to support the G0MGX Arduino Power Meter article.


The author spotted  some errors in the circuit diagram after publication and has supplied a replacement. The updated version includes switches on pins 47 and 49 and corrects the connections to pin 8 of the sample & hold opamps IC2 and IC4. Click on the thumbnail below to see the full size image.

An electronic circuit diagram comprising six integrated circuits and one LCD display

Revised G0MGX Arduino power meter circuit diagram (2MB JPG)








RadCom September 2013

The following downloads support the RSGB Centenary Receiver.

Matters arising since publication:

  • The voltage rating for the electrolytic capacitors should be 16V or higher.
  • Comparative pinouts of 2N3819 and BF256B

    Comparative pinouts of 2N3819 and BF256B

    Some people have reported the 2N3819 FET as difficult to obtain. A number of eBay suppliers  offer them, or a suitable substitute is the BF256B – but note that the pinout is different.

RSGB Centenary Receiver Building 20m Instructions (PDF) 2Mb

RSGB Centenary Receiver Building 20m Circuit Diagram (PDF) 27kb

RSGB Centenary Receiver PCB foil pattern (PDF) 53kb

RSGB Centenary Receiver PCB overlay (PDF) 171kb