Morse Test Structure

Test timerThe structure will be that:

  • Tests will be conducted under the auspices of any RSGB affiliated club
  • when a candidate is ready to be tested, application should be made (by the candidate) to the Regional Manager stating the speed at which they wish to be tested
  • the test will be conducted by the local club member who is an Approved Assessor for the speed of test to be conducted (see Approved Assessors). The test will be adjudicated by either the Regional Manager, Deputy Regional Manager, any other elected RSGB volunteer, or an elected member of the club committee
  • a successful test will be confirmed using a form that can be downloaded from the RSGB website and will be signed by the Approved Assessor and Adjudicator. This form will be retained by the Regional Manager for checking and audit purposes
  • on completion of a successful test, the Regional Manager will issue a formal Certificate of Competency.

(When a test is requested, it will become the Regional Manager’s responsibility to contact the Approved Assessor and make arrangements for the test to take place at a convenient time and place for the candidate, Approved Assessor and adjudicator. It should be noted that The RSGB will not pay any expenses incurred in connection with undertaking a test.)