Applying for a Special Event Station

Radio amateurs with Red Arrows aircrew at a special eventWhere to Apply and Conditions of Eligibility

Application for a Special Event Station should be made to Ofcom, the UK communications regulator responsible for managing amateur radio licensing. A letter of variation will only be issued to individuals who hold a current UK Full licence or as a variation to a Full (Club) Licence.

It will be valid for a maximum of 28 consecutive days.

Things to Remember

Transmitting in a tent at a special event stationThe station may only be established and operated at one specified location. This must be the address stated on the application form which must be detailed enough for anyone to find easily. Operation of a special event station from a licensee’s home address is not normally permitted.

Only the person responsible for the station need sign the form, as the authorisation is by notice of variation to that individual’s licence or to the club licence. Additional operators need only sign and write their callsigns in the logbook.

Reservation and Re-issue of Callsigns

Headquarters of Ofcom in London, UKIf you have not used the callsign before, you can avoid last-minute disappointment by first contacting Ofcom. They can then check that it is available and reserve it for you. A GB callsign may be reserved for up to six months in advance.

When a GB callsign has been used it will not normally be re-issued to another amateur for use at a different event for a period of 24 months.

Callsign Formats

Subject to availability special event callsigns are available in the following formats:

GB0 + 2 or 3 letters
GB1 + 2 or 3 letters
GB2 + 2 or 3 letters
GB4 + 2 or 3 letters
GB5 + 2 or 3 letters
GB6 + 2 or 3 letters
GB8 + 2 or 3 letters

Other callsign formats will only be considered by Ofcom.

To find out more call the RSGB on 01234 832 700 and choose option 5 for Amateur Radio Enquiries. Our advisors will be pleased to answer any question you may have about licensing a special event station. Notices of Variation are issued by Ofcom,
The RSGB hopes your special event station is enjoyable and successful.