Homecoming Scotland 2014 NoV

Homecoming Scotland 2014

This NoV has now expired and the information here is retained for reference.

Homecoming Scotland is a programme of events and activities throughout 2014, to showcase all that’s great about Scotland.

The principal themes of the Homecoming are creativity, activities, ancestry, food and drink and nature.

Ofcom is pleased once more to be helping licensed radio amateurs based in Scotland take part in the Homecoming.

Ofcom has decided that, as in 2009, Scottish amateurs may include a special Regional Secondary Locator ‘A’ for Alba in their call signs.

This will be available from Burns Night (25 January 2014) to St Andrews Day (30 November 2014).

Amateur radio licensees whose main station address is in Scotland may apply for a variation to their licence by clicking on the button below.

This will authorise the use of the Regional Secondary Locator, so creating a call sign identifiable with Homecoming Scotland.

If you have any questions about the NoV, you may find the answer in our Homecoming Scotland 2014 FAQs.

Further information will be available on Ofcom’s Licensing Updates page.