RAYNET Personal Accident Insurance: who is covered?

The Society has upgraded its Personal Accident insurance policy for Raynet Groups, effective 1 January 2009. This new policy is comparable to the Network Personal Accident insurance.

The Raynet Personal Accident Insurance cover applies whilst working on a *recognised Raynet activity with any group of people**

* Recognised Raynet activity—approved and co-ordinated by the group’s controller/chairman

** Any group of people:-

  • **Whilst working with their own Group;
  • **Whilst working with the Network;
  • **Whilst working with any other group—not affiliated to either RSGB or the Network

Support workers who are members of Raynet groups are also covered.

For cover to be operational the Raynet Group must be a current member of the RSGB and only those names that have been submitted to us by Group Controllers are covered.

All Group officials are asked to forward to ar.deptSpacersgb.org.uk a complete list of their Group members for onward transmission to the insurers. (Quarterly updates of leavers and new members would be appreciated thereafter so that we can keep the register up-to-date).