Centenary Station

This station has now closed down – our thanks to all who put on and operated the station and all those who made contact with the station. 

Ofcom agreed to what was a very special arrangement for the use of the Special Event Station call sign Gx100RSGB, where x is replaced by the secondary location identifier, M, W, I, D, U and J, etc.

The very special nature of the station’s licence was that we are allowed to operate the call at a number of different locations in sequence through the year.

The licence plan approved was for thirteen 28 day periods, allowing each RSGB Region to operate the Special Event Station against a rota, see the table below;

Dates Region Description
1st Jan – 28th Jan 3 NW England & Isle of Man
29th Jan – 25th Feb 2 North Scotland
26th Feb – 25th Mar 4 NE England
26th Mar – 22nd Apr 11 SW England & Channel Islands
23rd Apr – 20th May 10 S & SE England
21st May – 17th Jun 7 South Wales
19th Jun – 15th Jul 9 London & Thames Valley
16th Jul – 12th Aug 12 East of England & East Anglia
13th Aug – 9th Sep 6 North Wales
10th Sep – 7th Oct 13 East Midlands
8th Oct – 4th Nov 5 West Midlands
5th Nov – 2nd Dec 1 South Scotland
3rd Dec – 31st Dec 8 Northern Ireland

The links to the right provide information on QSLing and the download of a certificate for those who operated the Centenary station.  Other information about the Centenary station as well as the wider events during the Centenary year can be found in the Centenary archive

updated 3rd January 2014