Amateur Radio Observation Service

The Amateur Radio Observation Service (AROS) is an advisory and reporting service of the RSGB which is intended to assist radio amateurs and others who may be affected by problems which occur within the amateur bands or which develop on other frequencies as a result of amateur transmissions.

What we do

The service investigates reports of licence infringements, or instances of poor operating practice which might bring the Amateur Service into disrepute. Reports, complaints and associated supplementary information are accepted from any source and the contents of each communication is regarded as confidential material.

The source of any report or supplementary information is not disclosed without the permission of the originator. The originator of any report or complaint should be prepared to respond to further inquiries.

Requests for further details may be made to the originator and in addition, independent verification on an individual case basis may be supplied by AROS Observers. A report to AROS should contain details of the alleged infringement and should include: dates, times, modes, and details of what was heard, supported, if possible, by a recording. The originator should also state where he/she considers the ‘offender’ to have infringed the terms of the licence or where the ‘offender’ has acted in a manner contrary to codes of operational practice which have been agreed nationally or internationally. The identity of the ‘offender’ or his/her location, where this is known positively, should be included. However, reports where the identity or the location of the offender is not known, or not known with certainty, are still of value and are required.

After investigation and where there is evidence of deliberate malpractice or malicious abuse of amateur radio facilities, a formal report may be made to the appropriate authorities. This report will contain sufficient detail and evidence to enable further investigations to be made and the authorities may take such action as is appropriate. However, AROS prefers to settle problems great or small within the Amateur Service. Problems arising are referred to the authorities as a last resort.

How to submit a report

Please send reports to:

3 Abbey Court
Fraser Road
Priory Business Park
Bedford MK44 3WH