General Rules

These rules apply to ALL awards. For specific rules please see the separate sections.

  • Awards are available to licensed amateurs and listeners (on a heard basis).
  • All claims must be fully supported by QSL cards. For the various squares awards, these cards must also bear the IARU (Maidenhead) locator details. A card without an IARU locator originally printed on it is acceptable provided that it bears some adequate form of positional information (for example old QTH locator or latitude and longitude), in which case the IARU locator square designation should be clearly added to the card by the award claimant.
  • For all awards with a fixed station category, the applicant must state that all the contacts were made from the same location. In the case of an amateur moving home location he/she may apply for the award using QSL cards gained from more than one location, but the award will be endorsed as ‘gained from more than one location’. Endorsements such as all cw, all ssb, all auroral contacts, or all contacts made during the first year of being licensed may be made on application.
  • The appropriate information must be contained on the QSL cards and declaration signed when applying for endorsements.

The charge for each award is:-

  • RSGB members £3 . 00, 5Euro, US$6 or 12 ircs.
  • UK residents who are not RSGB members: £6.00, 10Euro, US$12 or 24 ircs.
  • Overseas applicants who are members of their national society: £6.00, 10Euro, US$12 or 24 ircs.
  • Other overseas applicants £9.00, 15Euro, US$18 or 36 ircs.

Please make cheques payable to ‘Radio Society of Great Britain’.

Where applicable proof of membership of their national (IARU approved) society is required, e.g. recent RadCom label or photocopy of membership card.

There is no charge for stickers to update levels of achievement, however, if a new certificate is requested, the charges above will apply.

All claims must be submitted to the RSGB Awards Manager, Marcus Hazel McGown MM0ZIF, 26 Ashdale Avenue, Saltcoats, Ayreshire, KA21 6AA

Application forms may be obtained from this address by sending an SAE. (A4 size please).

General enquiries may also be made by email

The RSGB VHF and Microwave Committees reserve the right to refuse claims that they believe to be bogus or false. For the safe return of the QSL cards, adequate postage and a self addressed envelope must be sent with the application. If ‘Recorded’ or ‘Registered’ return is required then the appropriate completed stickers must be included as well the additional fee(s).