RSGB Trophies

AGM trophy table

AGM trophy table

Here is information on trophies the RSGB awards

Awarded by the RSGB Board:

Bennett Prize

For any significant contribution or innovation which furthers the art of radio communication

Calcutta Key

For work associated with international friendship through amateur radio

Founder’s Trophy

For outstanding service to the Society

Raynet Trophy

For outstanding service to the Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network

Horace Freeman

Winner of Home Constructors’ Competition at RSGB National Convention

Kenwood Trophy

For making a significant contribution to training and development in amateur radio within the United Kingdom

Awarded by the EMC Committee:

G5RV Trophy

For outstanding contributions in the EMC field

Spectrum Forum (HF Manager)

ROTAB Trophy

For outstanding and consistent DX work

Don Cameron, G4STT Memorial Award

G5RP Shield

For greatest progress in the DX field made by an RSGB member resident in the UK during the yearG3IZD of Contest Cumbria with the G3PSH Memorial Trophy

LF Experimenter’s Award – The Nevada Cup

For the most significant contribution by an RSGB member towards scientific or other engineering development of receiver and/or transmitter design, modulation technique, aerial design or propagation on the 73kHz and/or 136kHz amateur bands)

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HF Trophies awarded by the Contest Committee:

Ariel Trophy

Leading club in Club Calls Contest

BERU Senior Rose Bowl

Winner of Commonwealth Contest

BERU Junior Rose Bowl

Runner-up in Commonwealth Contest

BERU Receiving Rose Bowl

Winner of Commonwealth Contest receiving section

Braaten Trophy

Leading G station in the ARRL DX CW Contest

Bristol Trophy

Highest score in the ‘other’ section of NFD

Col. Thomas Rose Bowl

Highest placed G in the Commonwealth Contest

David King G3PFS Trophy

Leading G station in the 12-hour section of the IOTA Contest

IDX News Sheet Trophy

Leading British Single Operator entrant in the 24hr SSB section of the IOTA contest

Edgware Trophy

Winning team in AFS CW Contest

Flight Refuelling ARS Trophy

Winning team in AFS SSB Contest

Frank Hoosen Trophy

Leading 14MHz score in NFD

Gravesend Trophy

Runner-up in the Restricted section of NFD


Winner of the LF (3.5 & 7MHz) Contest

Houston Fergus Trophy

Winner of the 10W section of Low Power Field Day

IOTA Trophy

Leading Islands Expedition Station in the IOTA Contest

L H Thornas G6QB Memorial Trophy

Winner of the 7MHz CW DX Contest
Members of Bristol Contest Grp with the G6ZR Memorial Trophy

Maitland Trophy

Scottish station with highest aggregate score in both Top Band Contests

Marconi Trophy

Highest individual score in AFS CW Contest

Metcalf Cup

SWL winner of the 21128MHz SSB Contest

Milne Cup

Leading GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU or GW station in the ARRL DXCW Contest

NFD Shield

Winner overall highest score in NFD

Northumbria Cup

Winner of the Open Section of SSE Field Day

Powditch Receiving Trophy

SWL winner of the 28MHz section of the 211 28MHz Phone Contest

Powditch Transmitting Trophy

Leading single operator station in the 28MHz section of the 21128MHz Phone Contest

R Whelan G3PJT Medal

Most improved score in the Commonwealth Contest

RSGB Lichfield Trophy

Highest individual score in AFS SSE Contest

Reading QRP Trophy

Leading station in the Low Power Section of NFD

Ross Cary Rose Bowl

Leading entry in the Restricted Section of Commonwealth Contest

Scottish NFD Trophy

Leading GM station in NFD

Somerset Trophy

Winner of first 1.8MHz CW Contest

Southgate Trophy

Winner of the 3W section of Low Power Field Day

T E Wilson G6VQ Cup

Winner of the 21128MHz CW Contest

Verulam Silver Jubilee Trophy

Most accurate log in RoPoCo 1 Contest

Victor Desmond Cup

Winner of the 2nd 1.8MHz Contest

Whitworth Cup

Winner of the 21128MHz Contest

G2QT Cup

Winner of the RSGB HF Contest Championship
Left:G4PHO with the 47GHz Trophy right: G4EAT with the G3RPE Memorial Cup

G3DYY Memorial Trophy

Highest scoring CW, single operator G entry, regardless of section, in the IOTA Contest

G3PSH Memorial Trophy

Winner of the Restricted section of SSB Field Day

G3XTJ Memorial Trophy

Most accurate log in RoPoCo 2 Contest

G5MY Trophy

Highest aggregate score in the RoPoCo Contests

G6ZR Memorial Trophy

Runner-up in the Open section of NFD

G8KW Trophy

Leading G in the COWW CW Contest

1930 Committee Cup

Winner of the Low Power 30m Contest, single operator section

G4IQM Memorial Trophy

Club Calls Contest club having the highest aggregate score

Geoff Watts Memorial Trophy

Leading IOTA Islands Home station

Cyril Leyden G4RYY – Memorial Trophy

Winner of the 7MHz CW DX Contest, Restricted Section
G8KQW with the 24GHz Cumulatives Trophy

Awarded by the UK Microwave Group:

Fraser Shepherd Award

For research into microwave applications to radio communication

G3RPE Memorial Cup

Winner of the 10 GHz Cumulative Contest

10GHZ Trophy

Winner of the May 10GHz Trophy event, organised by the VHF Contest Committee

G3VVB Memorial Trophy

For the best home-constructed microwave equipment exhibited at a microwave round table or convention

Les Sharrock G3BNL Memorial Award

For innovation or technical development of microwave equipment or techniques

Awarded by the Technical Committee:

Courtney-Price Trophy

For the most outstanding published technical contribution to amateur radio

Ostermeyer Trophy

For most meritorious description of a piece of home-constructed or electronic equipment published in RadCom

Norman Keith Adarns Prize

For the most original article published in RadCom

Wortley-Talbot Trophy

For outstanding experimental work in amateur radio

Awarded by the Spectrum Forum (VHF Manager):

Harold Rose Trophy

To the person making an outstanding contribution to 50MHz

Louis Varney Cup

For advances in space communication

1962 Committee Cup

Awarded at VHF Convention for the best home constructed equipment

VHF Trophies awarded by the Contests Committee:

Arthur Watts Trophy

Awarded to the winner of the restricted section of VHF NFD

144MHz Backpackers Trophy

Leading station in the 144MHz Backpackers Contest

50MHz Backpackers Trophy

Leading station in the 50MHz Backpackers Contest

Cockenzie Quaich

Leading resident GM station in the Restricted section of VHF NFD

Hanson Trophy

VHF Listeners Championship

John Pilags Memorial Trophy

Leading single operator fixed station in the RSGB VHF Contests Championship

Martlesham Trophy

Winner of VHF NFD, Restricted section

Mitchell-Milling Trophy

Winner of 144MHz Trophy Contest, multi-operator section

Racal Radio Cup

Winner of RSGB VHF Contests Championship, Open section

Scottish Trophy

Leading GM station in VHF NFD, Restricted section

SMC Six Metre Cup

Highest scoring single operator UK entry in the 50MHz Trophy Contest

Surrey Trophy

Winner of the Open section of VHF NFD

Tartan Trophy

Leading Scottish station in VHF NFD

Telford Trophy

Leading fixed station in 50MHz Contest

European Cup (Thorogood Trophy)

Winner of 144MHz Trophy Contest, Single Operator section

VHF Contests Committee Cup

Overall winner of the 1.3GHz Trophy Contest

VHF Manager’s Trophy

Winner of 70MHz Trophy Contest

G6ZR Memorial Trophy

Winner of 2.3GHz Contest

1951 Council Cup

Winner of 430MHz Trophy Contest

Low Power VHF Championship

Leading single-operator fixed station in the RSGB VHF Contests Championship, low power section

G5BY Trophy

Winner of the ‘Mix & Match’ section of VHF NFD

Other RSGB Trophies (normally presented at the AGM)

Jack Wylie Trophy

Jock Kyle Memorial

Life Vice Presidency

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