Worked All Continents (WAC)

This award, issued by IARU headquarters, may be claimed by any licensed radio amateur in the UK, Channel Isles or Isle of Man eligible under the General Rules who can produce evidence of having contacted amateur radio stations in each of the 6 continents’North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Applicants should send QSL cards to the RSGB HF Awards Manager who will certify the claim to the IARU headquarters society (ARRL) for issue of the award. They should also enclose a self addressed stamped envelope for return of the cards, and proof of RSGB membership.

All contacts must be made from the same country or separate territory within the same continent. Various endorsements including “all 1.8 MHz” are available. In addition both a 5 and 6 band WAC may be claimed.