The IARU Region 1 Award

This award, available in 3 classes, may be claimed by any licensed radio amateur eligible under the General Rules who can produce evidence of having contacted amateur radio stations in the required number of countries whose national societies are members of the Region 1 Division of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU).

The 3 classes are for contacts as follows:

Class 1 All member countries on the current list
Class 2 60 member countries
Class 3 40 member countries

Members of IARU Region 1 are: (Total 95)

Albania (AARA), Algeria (ARA), Andorra (URA), Armenia (FRRA), Austria (OEVSV), Bahrain (ARAB), Belarus (BFRR), Belgium (UBA), Bosnia & Herzegovina (ARABIH), Botswana (BARS), Bulgaria (BFRA), Burkina Faso (ARBF), Cameroon (ARTJ), Congo (URAC), Croatia (HRS), Cyprus inc UK Sov Bases (CARS), Czech Republic (CRC), Democratic Republic of Congo (ARAC), Denmark (EDR), Djibouti (ARAD), Egypt (EARA), Estonia (EARU), Ethiopia (EARS), Faeroe Islands (FRA), Finland (SARL), F.Y.R. Macedonia (RSM), France inc. TK (REF), Gabon (AGRA), Gambia (RSTG), Georgia (NARG), Germany (DARC), Ghana (GARS), Gibraltar (GARS), Greece (RAAG), Hungary (MRASZ), Iceland (IRA), Iraq (IARS), Ireland (IRTS), Israel (IARC), Italy (ARI), Ivory Coast (ARAI), Jordan (RJARS), Kazakstan (KFRR), Kenya (ARSK), Kuwait (KARS), Latvia (LRAL), Lebanon (RAL), Lesotho (LARS), Liberia (LRAA), Liechtenstein (AFVL), Lithuania (LRMD), Luxembourg (RL), Mali (CRAM), Malta (MARL), Mauritius (MARS), Moldova (ARDM), Monaco (ARM), Mongolia (MRSF), Montenegro (MARP), Morocco (ARRAM), Mozambique (LREM), Namibia (NARL), Netherlands (VERON), Nigeria (NARS), Norway (NRRL), Oman (ROARS), Poland (PZK), Portugal inc.CU CT3 (REP), Qatar (QARS), Republic of Guinee (ARGUI), Romania (FRR), Russian Federation (SRR), San Marino (ARRSM), Senegal (ARAS), Serbia (SRS), Sierra Leone (SLARS), Slovakia (SARA), Slovenia (ZRS), South Africa (SARL), Spain (URE), Swaziland (RSS), Sweden (SSA), Switzerland (USKA), Syria (SSTARS), Tadjikstan (ex UJ) (TARL), Tanzania (TARC), Tunisia (CAST), Turkey (TRAC), Turkmenistan (ex UH) (LRT), Uganda (UARS), Ukraine (UARL), United Arab Emirates (EARS), UK (G GD GI GJ GM GU GW ) (RSGB), Zambia (RSZ), Zimbabwe (ZARS)

A special version of this award is available, in the same 3 classes, for confirmed contacts on the 28 MHz band since 1 July 1983.

Submit a list of countries in Prefix Order, Call, and all QSO details Band Mode etc. A special application form is available by email or S.A.S.E. from the RSGB Awards Manager. Please note a certified list signed by the applicant and his National Society Awards Manager confirming QSL cards are held must be submitted for all Class-1 applications. For Class –2 and Class-3 Awards GCR rules apply. General Certification by two other radio amateurs or local club officials stating the QSL’s have been examined is satisfactory proof. Please note “e-QSL’s” are not acceptable as proof of a QSO. Cost of this Award is US$6, 6-Euro, or £3 UKP.