Intermediate Award

hamfest-2016-operatorsThis award is for holders of Intermediate call signs only and designed to encourage activity in the CW, SSB and FM simplex sections of the bands.

There will be three levels to the award and claimants may take advantage of a multiplier system, if they wish, to acquire the points required, especially for the higher levels.

  • This award is available only to holders of UK Intermediate call signs
  • Starting date is 1 January 2000
  • Modes: CW, SSB, AM and FM—no repeater contacts permitted
  • Bands: 50, 144, 432 and 1296MHz.

The three levels of award

  • Bronze Award: 100 points
  • Silver Award: 1,000 points
  • Gold Award: 2,500 points


  • 50 & 144MHz bands—1 point per contact
  • 432MHz band—2 points per contact
  • 1296MHz band—4 points per contact


  • Locator squares (e.g. JO01), postal districts and countries—1 point
  • Distance Bonuses:
    • 50MHz for contacts in excess of 2,000km—1 point
    • 144MHz for contacts in excess of 1,000km—1 point
    • 432MHz for contacts in excess of 500km—3 point
    • 1296MHz for contacts in excess of 500km—5 point

Submission of claims

  • Application forms may be obtained from the RSGB Awards Manager—see below—by sending an SAE (A4 size please)
  • A summary sheet of the points claimed per contact listed by call sign and, if multipliers are claimed, then a summary sheet of these as well
  • Multiple contacts with the same amateur on a single band when fixed, /P and /M only count for a single point although the same amateur may be worked on each of the bands for qualifying points
  • State clearly on the application your name—as you wish it to appear on the certificate—and sign a declaration that you have abided by the award rules and by the conditions of your amateur radio licence
  • All claims must include a log extract certified by an RSGB Registered Assessor, an RSGB affiliated club official, or two licensed amateurs
  • All claims must be submitted to the RSGB Awards Manager
  • Send any questions to


  • RSGB members £3
  • UK residents who are not RSGB members £6
  • Where applicable, proof of RSGB membership is required, e.g. recent RadCom label