HF DXpedition Fund


The RSGB Convention takes place in October each year and one of the traditions is the raffle, with its many superb prizes, that goes to support HF DXpeditions.

All the proceeds from the raffle go to the RSGB HF DXpedition Fund.

This is a restricted fund, which also benefits occasionally from legacies and donations, and is drawn upon in order to make contributions to DXpeditions to the rarer countries.

The fund is administered by RSGB HF Manager (Ian Greenshields, G4FSU), Colin Thomas, G3PSM, Fred Handscombe, A65BD / G4BWP and RSGB Awards Manager (John Dunnington, G3LZQ) who jointly act as trustees. John Gould, G3WKL acts as the point of contact on the Board for the trustees. They apply the following criteria and conditions.


1. The DXpedition has a good chance of working a significant number of stations in the British Isles (say 100+ different stations). This is evaluated by considering the following:

  • The general organisation of the DXpedition
  • The stated plans to work Europe
  • The equipment to be used, specifically linears and beam antennas

2. The country being activated must be well up the European wanted lists, say in the top 25 percent.

The team should comprise at least four operators of whom some are well known.

4. The QSO target is in excess of 15,000.

5. The application for funds is made in advance of the DXpedition.


The DXpedition agrees to:

  • Include the RSGB as a sponsor, with the RSGB logo printed prominently on the QSL card and DXpedition website, and recognize this sponsorship in all articles and presentations about the DXpedition
  • Operate the DXpedition under the guidelines contained within the DX Code of Conduct (http://dx-code.org/)
  • Upload the full DXpedition logs to LoTW as soon as possible after the end of the DXpedition, with a maximum delay not exceeding 3 months
  • Process QSL cards promptly, including those sent through the recognised IARU Bureaux
  • Send a write-up, in English, of the DXpedition for publication by the RSGB’s members’ magazine
  • We use some discretion in applying the criteria but not in applying the conditions and hope to be able to contribute to up to eight DXpeditions a year. Funds are sent in advance of the operation unless we have some doubts as to whether it will take place or about its legitimacy. We do not contribute to “IOTA-only” operations since contributions to IOTA DXpeditions come from the IOTA Development Fund. Our contributions are generally matched by CDXC (Chiltern DX Club)—The UK DX Foundation. We also work closely with the GM DX Group. The RSGB is probably now one of the 10 largest contributors to DXpeditions world-wide. Very few other national societies make donations to DXpeditions in the way that we do.

Applications for support or enquiries for further information please contact

John Dunnington, G3LZQ
P.O. BOX 36
East Yorkshire
HU15 2WX
E-mail: hf.awardsspacersgb.org.uk